Two chic redheads!

Aug 12 (1)
Aug 12 (2)
Aug 12 (3)
Aug 12 (4)
Aug 12 (5)
Aug 12 (6)
Aug 12 (7)
Aug 12 (8)

When: Thursday August 12, 2010

Blue dress: Walmart
Black sequin jacket: Conway (Panama)
Black wedges: Used to be my mom's
Red purse: Borrowed from my mom

Where: Out to lunch with my family

I really love this black sequin jacket, even though it is somewhat difficult to make it look casual. The black jacket goes well with the black details in the dress while the red purse really pops. Just a simple outfit that made me feel very sparkly and fashion forward.
Aug 12 (9)
My sister recently dyed her hair red (she used to be a brunette) and now we are the two redhead sisters! Plus, we both enjoy making nice outfits and looking our best, so we are two stylish redhead sisters, how cool is that? Look at my sister's chic outfit for the day:
Aug 12 (10)
Aug 12 (11)
Aug 12 (12)
I really love how she looks in a pencil skirt! Plus the ruffle top is so feminine and cute on her. She finished the outfit off beautifully by adding pops of yellow. Good job sis!
Aug 12 (13)
Do you have any family member that dresses stylish as well?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this dress:
08 Aug 12

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  1. Your sister is very chic! Thanks for sharing photos of her! And I love your sequined jacket! sequins are so awesome, you just can't help but smile when you're wearing sequins!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. You girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I love both of the color combos, the turquoise and red in yours and the blue and yellow in your sister's.

  3. You and your sis are both beautiful! I love her yellow belt with the skirt ...

    My sis has always been the prettier one - though we don't look nearly as alike as you and your sis.

  4. Hey i am posting a comment so late. But i discovered your blog 2 days ago and i have been clicking through every single post. I really really love your style. There are not many blogs like yours. Most people try to replicate catalogues of Mango and Zara with short, bland clothes. So i am so happy that normal tastefull people like you have a blog. Wish your sister had one too !


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