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When: Saturday August 14, 2010

Green top: Pasarela (Panama)
Black skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Black belt: Forever XXI
Gold stilettos: ? (Panama)
Gold purse: Borrowed from my mom

Where: Went to the airport to say goodbye to my brother who is returning to Spain (boo-hoo) and had a casual party at my house

Today's outfit is one of those looks where you aren't really sure if you like it or not. I thought the outfit was simple and nice, but I wasn't sure if it actually looked good on me or not. I'm so happy to be home because now I can ask my parents for advice on what looks good or not.
Aug 14 (10)
Although it may sound strange, I really enjoy hearing the opinion of my parents and other family members whenever they are available to tell me. It's nice to hear another person's opinion to find out what looks good on you or not. Thanks mamita and dada!

Do you ask anyone for feedback on what looks good on you?

Note: I haven't worn this top or skirt before so there are no remix pics today! sorry guys!

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  1. I ask my mom or my friend. I love that skirt!!! It's so flowy and the perfect length.

  2. I think this looks very pretty. I always ask my husband for comments. He sometimes tells me stuff that totally dissapoint me, like "you look like a tree".
    I know, bad!

  3. Love those shoes! They are so beautiful!


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