Outfit of the week - Reader's Choice

July 19 (10)July 20 (10)
July 21 (10)July 22 (11)
July 23 (11)July 24 (12)
July 25 (17)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. Somewhere between rainbow and black and white
2. Mannequin copycat
3. A dream come true soccer game
4. Interchangeable floral headband
5. Dave Matthews Band Concert!
6. A little piece of heaven in NYC
7. The lovely (and sunny) Central Park
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Last week's winner was...
1July 13 (1)
"My shirt is a ghost"

Thanks so much for the support and votes everyone!

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  1. #2 is my fav. :) Oooo and lovin' the new layout of the blog. Hope you're doing great Marie!

    xx Love & Aloha
    *Swing by to enter my Wendy Mink Jewelry Giveaway!

  2. my favorite is #2, business casual to perfection!

    Chic on the Cheap


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