Outfit of the Week - Reader's Choice

June 28 (11)June 29 (9)
June 30 (9)July 01 (10)
July 02 (10)July 03 (11)
July 4 (12)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. Groovy Baby!
2. Be Yourself, No Matter What Others Say
3. The right length makes all the difference
4. Yes, I like Twilight
5. Who is that girl in the hat?
6. Playing with my hair
7. Ooohh and Aaahh at the fireworks
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Last week's winner was...
June 23 (1)
"Little Red Riding Hood"

Thank you so much for the votes and support!

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  1. Wow, this week is so hard to choose! For me it was basically a tie between 3 of them! But I ended up figuring out which one to vote for. I'm not sure I can call it my favourite though, because I liked the other ones so much too! I think I can call it "the one that deserves to win outfit of the week"!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. 5 definitly - I adore it !!

    Sal xXx

  3. you really look great in this outfit. jgm

  4. #5 - I love the fedora and vest!

  5. I love your weekly outfit voting - it's one of my favorite posts!
    My vote is for #5 as well!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Love them all! You did an awesome job on your anti-me challenge!! Congrats!!


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