The lovely (and sunny) Central Park

July 25 (1)
July 25 (2)
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When: Sunday July 25, 2010

White dress: Stevens (Panama)
Turquoise cardi: El Costo (Panama)
Colorful tote bag: PacSun
Brown flats: ? (Panama)
Striped scarf: TJ Max

Where: Walked around Central Park and went to a street fair in NYC.

My boyfriend and I had a wonderful second day in NYC today! I went with a colorful happy summer look today that would combine with the same shoes and purse as yesterday. The best part of today's outfit is definitely the scarf tied through the braid in my hair! This is the first time I try this hair-do and I really love it!!
July 25 (10)
Today we spent most of the day walking through Central Park. It was an extremely hot day, but we still had a wonderful time looking at all the wonderful green areas of the park.
July 25 (11)
One of my favorite parts of the park was a cute bridge that crossed a lake. The bridge was so romantic and it had a beautiful view of the city buildings.
July 25 (12)
Later in the afternoon, we discovered a little fair on one of NYC's streets! It was so much fun to discover all the different little treats that were for sale at the fair. There was some nice summer dresses:
July 25 (14)
As well as some cool martini glasses:
July 25 (13)
And also some really cute jewelry:
July 25 (15)
I ended up buying a really cute vintage looking necklace (more pics on that soon!). We both really enjoyed NYC, as we always do. It's just one of those places you never get tired of visiting!
July 25 (16)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this white dress:
07 July 25

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  1. I love the scarf braided through your hair...what a great idea! I can't wait until my hair is long enough to try something like that.

  2. Wow you really look pretty in this color blue. jgm

  3. I like your scarf braided in your hair. What a great idea! I wonder if it would work with mine....

  4. i love what you did with the scarf! so cute! i'll definitely try that! :)


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