Calendar: July is time for exciting summer fun!

Calendar - July
Here is my calendar for July! As I wrote a couple of months ago, I enjoy sharing a photo of my calendar each month just because it makes me smile :) So here is July's!

I have several things to be excited for this month! The three most important events are my boyfriends birthday, my trip back to Panama, and my 2 and a half year anniversary with my boyfriend. I'm so excited with this month!

What are your exciting events for this month?

Here is what last month's calendar looked like once I was finished:
Calendar - July (2)

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  1. It looks amazing!Well, I would love to have a calendar like tha.Did you do it?
    My plans for July...well, I'll start with going to the seaside for a week-leaving on Tuesday- and then it will bassically be something like this: eat,sleep,read,learn French&German,hang out,eat more,sleep even more and start all over again:)
    Well, maybe I'll get a chance to take the train to somewhere or nowhere or to go to a concert.Happy weekend!


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