I like to play dress up

June 8 (1)
June 8 (2)
June 8 (3)
June 8 (4)
June 8 (5)
June 8 (6)
June 8 (7)
June 8 (8)
June 8 (9)
June 8 (10)

When: Tuesday June 8, 2010

Floral dress: H&M
Purple shawl: ? (Panama)
Purple Nine West stilettos: Nine West Outlet (only $15!!)
White Nine West purse: TJ Max
White teardrop necklace & earrings: from this seller on eBay
Bunny ring: from this seller on eBay

Where: Watched the MTV Movie Awards online since I missed it on Sunday

Are you ever in the mood of dressing up even if you don't have anywhere to go? Well, that happens to me all the time! My philosophy is that its better to use items more frequently instead of just saving them for a "special occasion". I mean, everyday is special right? Doesn't each and everyday deserve a good outfit? Well, I sure think it does!
June 8 (11)
So I decided to go even a little fancier today since I really wanted to wear these cute purple stilettos. I love how classy they look with the purple shawl and white statement necklace. I just love the femininity of this outfit! Plus, isn't it just fun to play dress up sometimes? ;)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral dress:
06 June 08 (1)
06 June 08 (2)

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  1. This outfit is beautiful -- love the purple accessories and that awesome dress.

  2. You are so gorgeous and ladylike! The shoes and necklace are perfect accessories.

  3. I am like that ! Sometimes I will dress up for work and I guess that my co workers think I have a job interview or something !
    Before I use to care, not anymore because I dress up for me-
    I am a huge fan of Nine West shoes and yours are fabulous, as the bunny ring, the necklace... :=

  4. fun fun shoes! I like CS Lewis too .... I read and reread the chronicles of narnia as a child..-- and can't wait to read them to Gideon.

  5. Wow. You look absolutely stunning in this outfit and in these pictures. When I came upon them my jaw dropped how beautiful and ladylike you look. The colors look great on you. The shoes match perfectly. Your hair and face look glamourous. jgm

  6. Fab shoes .. and that bunny ring is tooooo cute!!

    When I look into my wardrobe at the moment i find myself thinking how would Marie wear it :D

    Sal xXx


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