Awards week day 5: The Sugar Doll Award

Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (1)
For the 5th and last day of my Awards week, I want to thank The Waves from No Signposts in the Sea for the Sugar Doll Award! Thank you so much for this sweet award, I really appreciate it!!

The rules of this award is that I have to write ten facts about me and then pass this award to 10 fellow bloggers...

So let's start with 10 hopefully interesting facts about me :)

1. I danced for 9 years! I used to dance ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip-hop, etc. It was so much fun!
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (8)

2. I collect funky socks! For some reason, colorful and fun socks have a special spot in my heart ;)
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (3)

3. I was on a huge billboard for a retail store once! Not only was it a HUGE picture of me, but there were mini pictures of me throughout the entire store! It was quite odd to see my face so many times... jaja
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (13)

4. I was once hit by a coconut!! Yes, its true! It actually fell on me while I was asleep and it honestly hurt A LOT! But after like 10 minutes, I was able to laugh about it (even though it still hurt).. jaja ;)
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (7)
Note: This is actually a picture that they took like 10 minutes after it fell on me... at least I managed to laugh through it!

5. One of my lifetime goals is to have a golden retriever! I dunno why, but I just looooove them.
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (4)

6. I participated in Fashion Week Panama two years in a row! It was an AWESOME experience which I hope I will be able to do again sometime...
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (10)

7. My idea of a perfect breakfast is a piece of white cake with a glass of milk!! There is absolutely nothing I love more for breakfast :)
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (6)

8. I was once Princess Peach in a dance competition at my high school! It was one of the best experiences of my life! Since we chose Mario Bros as our theme, all my classmates were either Mario's or Luigi's and I entered dancing ballet with an umbrella... needless to say, we won the competition ;)
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (11)
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (12)

9. I participated in a modeling competition!! I didn't win but it was a great experience because I got to be in several photo shoots and runway shows!
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (9)

10. I have about 85 pairs of shoes!!! What can I say? I loooove shoes!
Awards Week - Sugar Doll Award (2)

So those are ten things about me... I hope they were interesting!

Here are the ten people I am going to pass this award to:

Lida from Fashionista Talk
Elaine from Clothed Much
E from District of Chic
All the lovely ladies from Academichic
Sher from Beneath The Crystal Stars
Christine from My Style Pill
Amy from The Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire
Kasmira from What I Wore Today
Michelle from Pinque
JoAnn from Sidewalk Chalk

So that's the end of Awards week... I hope you all enjoyed it!

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  1. I thought those were really interesting facts!! I have done quite a bit of dance too! I was never particularly good, but tap is my favourite, and I like to dance for exercise!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. WoW! I wasn't surprised that you used to model! you're really beautiful with doll like features! but its so cool to see the pics! I used to collect/wear funky striped socks in college! And I love the Princess Peach costume! Hubby and I just finished playing the new mario wii game! and your shoes, whoa! thats a lot of shoes, but then again, a girl can never have too many right? awesome facts! love it!

  3. I love the shoe photo... he he. Thanks for sharing about yourself.

  4. i love the yellow dress, so summery

  5. i may or may not have stolen that picture of your shoes to use as a desktop background! lol

  6. Nice to see your 10 interesting things. I might add:
    * In tap I believe you could do the triple wing which not even your teacher could do. You also won 1st place in tap and ballet at the same time, several times. I believe you had 10 yrs training in dancing.
    + You were one of the top solicited models in Panama for many years and became professional locally hired for many shows.
    * When you danced ballet at your Mario Brothers show in school, you were the class queen, but most importantly never in your school history was someone bold enough to step out into this carnival like show doing graceful ballet as part of your show. This took courage to be different and your performance won the competition for your class that year. I still am so proud of how you push the envelope, being you, despite everything.


  7. aww your dad is so sweet!

  8. I loved seeing your modeling pics -- so beautiful!

    I also have a facination with colorful and wacky socks. I just can't help myself! And I'm so jealous of all your fabulous shoes!

  9. Very very interesting post and you have the sweetest dad. Like father like daughter =)
    You look gorgeous !


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