Anti-Me Challenge Day 2: Be yourself, no matter what others say

June 29 (1)
June 29 (2)
June 29 (3)
June 29 (4)
June 29 (5)
June 29 (6)
June 29 (7)

When: Tuesday June 29, 2010

Floral top: ? (Panama)
Green blazer: ? (Panama)
Jean shorts: ? (Panama)
Beige pumps: From this seller on eBay
Yellow Nine West purse: TJ Max

Where: Had a looooong nap in the afternoon (something I never do!), but stayed up all night working on a school project... jeje

Today is the second day of my Anti-Me Challenge and I'm still having a hard time making outfits! I'm happy with what I ended up with today though because I love wearing green :)
June 29 (8)
I know its sorda random, but I just wanted to remind all of you that you should always be yourself, no matter what others may say. Today someone told me something not-so-nice about my cheerful and somewhat childish personality, and to be honest, it didn't affect me at all. I am very confident and pleased with who I am, no matter what other people think of me. So I just wanted to remind all of you that it is perfectly fine to be who you are! I certainly like all of you :)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral top:
06 June 29

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  1. Your use of color in your outfits is awesome!

  2. I love your blog--so glad you didn't let that mean comment get you down. Your outfits are so fun and colorful that they always make me smile!

  3. We cannot please everyone all of the time. When others have negative comments it really means that what is in their heart comes out of their mouth. Since negative people are threatened by those who are happy and cheerful all the time they cannot but help themselves but try to bring others down to their level of negativity.
    It is important as you demonstrated to stand up for what you believe and be true to who you are and not be bothered by what others think about you. It is a testimony to others that there are truly happy people in this world who are genuinely bubbly and positive.
    Your outfit today is fresh and colorful. I always love green on you and the jeans look great as well.

  4. Those shorts are GREAT on you! I'm surprised you don't wear them more often!

    Some people confuse cheerfulness with naivete. And some people are practically allergic to optimism. I'm glad you're not letting folks get you down.

  5. I applaud you! It can be hard to not be affected by what people say. It's take a strong woman to look someone in the eye, thank them for their critique and go about her day :)

  6. Great outfit! I love your purse. It's so weird to see you in shorts! But you pull them off beautifully. You're gorgeous ♥♥

  7. I'm so glad that a mean comment didn't stop you from being yourself. I don't think you're childish at all! :) And I love your cheerful personality and your outfit!

  8. great post, this outfit seems to reflect your happy nature :) x

  9. I think this outfit is great! I love the green, and I think the shorts looks fantastic on you! You're doing wonderfully well with this challenge as far as I'm concerned!

    And don't dwell on the negative comment. I think you're fabulous the way you are!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  10. I truly appreciate the way u handled that negative comment! hats off to you. people usually pass on negative comments out of jealousy and cant bear how happy & positive u are. it happened to me as well & i was never bothered by what others think about me, as long as im keeping myself and my dear and near one's around me happy!! have a great day!

  11. Don't worry about a negative comment. You certainly do not deserve it, as there are so many positive things to be said about yourself and your passion in the blog. Stay who you are, and above all, stay yourself. You are doing it right, definitely.

    And perhaps stop wearing things you do not like so much, only because others think you should wear them. As I said, you are doing it perfectly right.

    Take care.

  12. cute outfit! love the pop of color! a definite fit for the summer! lovin your blog girl! keep it up!

  13. This is so pretty on you !
    Those colors fit you beautifully... and stay true to yourself :)

  14. Love your blog and your pictures and your positive attitude, Marie.

  15. Thanks for sharing that incident as well as how you handled it so well. Your blog is not only joyoffashion but joyoflife and you are true to both. It´s big of you to share this as all of us bloggers deal with these situations and your good example is inspring to all. jgm

  16. Glad to hear you don't let others' opinions get you down. And cute outfit; green looks lovely on you!

    P.S. You've been awarded :)


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