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When: Saturday June 26, 2010.

Pink dress: Madison (Panama)
White collar shirt: Conway (Panama)
Beige pumps: From this seller on eBay
Yellow Nine West purse: TJ Max

Where: A relaxing day doing house chores and watching a movie with my boyfriend (I have watched so many movies this week!)

I'm loving today's fresh summer look! I really wanted to wear this pink dress, but I couldn't figure out what to pair it with! Then I came along this picture of Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk:
June 26 (10)
This cute look from Kyla gave me the idea of pairing this pink dress with this white collar shirt! I really like how it makes the entire look more fresh and fun! Plus, I got to wear some bright colors with the necklace and the pop of yellow from the purse!
June 26 (9)
Do you ever wear collar shirts over dresses?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this pink dress:
06 June 26

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  1. What a funky pink dress. I really like your necklace especially.

  2. I love the dress. and i think this way is the best way of wearing it.
    i got you an award in my blog. come and take it please? thanks!

    Lovely Curse

  3. I just wore a collar shirt over a dress yesterday! A good summer jacket option. I haven't tried knotting mine in front ... I love your necklace! It is really lovely!

  4. aahh that dress is a real charmer!! the color and print is so pretty!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. Cute dress! I'll have to try the collar shirt over a dress look sometime. I like that necklace too!

  6. You look so fresh! Love that dress!!!

  7. Cute, and well put together, as always!

  8. I've never tried a collared shirt like that, I love your use of a crisp white one and may have to start looking for a dress to try it with! The print on yours is lovely,

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Purseapalooza giveaway

  9. Love the dress! Very cute!

  10. The bright pink and yellow looks fabulous. You did a great job!

  11. Cute look! I've never paired a button down over a dress, perhaps I'll try it out!

    Chic on the Cheap


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