Remix Mini Challenge Day 3: A token of his appreciation!

May 2 (1)
May 2 (2)
May 2 (3)
May 2 (4)
May 2 (5)
May 2 (6)
May 2 (7)

When: Sunday May 2, 2010

Pink dress: ? (Panama)
Jean jacket: ? (Panama)
White wedges: BBB (Panama)
Beige Tommy Hilfiger purse: TJ Max
Floral bow: Present from my mom

Where: Enslaved myself to doing school projects all day... jaja one down, lots more to go!

For the last day of my weekend remix mini challenge, I decided to show how this dress can look cute and girlie with just a couple of items. First I decided to add this cute white sash as a bow necklace as the main focal point of the outfit. Then I added the jean jacket because it automatically makes the entire outfit more laid back and casual. I finished off with a super cute floral headband just to add even more cuteness into this outfit (as if the huge bow weren't enough!).
May 2 (8)
I'm very happy with the results of this mini challenge! I have shown how one dress can look summer-ish, business appropriate, and cute/girlie!!! I love how just one item can make so many different looks!
April 30 (1)
May 1 (1)
May 2 (1)
Also, I just wanted to write to you about a sweet surprise my boyfriend gave me. He surprised me with a beautiful Ralph Lauren Polo today just to say "thanks for being such a supportive and wonderful girlfriend". Isn't that just too sweet? I have been skipping around all day since then... jiji : )

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this dress:
05 May 02

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  1. Marie,

    I was very excited to see what you would do with the mini-challenge, and I was blown away by the business look. I would never have thought a causal dress could be so work appropriate, it is my favorite of the three!

    Thanks for giving me lots more ideas for my wardrobe.

  2. I really like the sash-as-a-bow in this one. I agree with the previous commenter - I would have NEVER thought a dress like this could be so versatile. Time to go look in my closet with new eyes ....

  3. amazing how the same dress looks different each time. You made the maximum of this mini challenge. jgm

  4. Very lovely and very cute indeed :)

  5. All very cute outfits!
    The one with the blazer is my favourite.

  6. I looove the floral bow! It's adorable and I also love the denim blazer. So cute and springy! :)


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