Outfit of the week - Reader's Choice

May 17 (20)May 18 (27)
May 19 (12)May 20 (14)
May 21 (12)May 22 (11)
May 23 (13)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. The Amazing Niagara Falls
2. Splashed under the falls!
3. Bye Bye Niagara Falls
4. Birdies for my grandma
5. Happy Birthday Mike!
6. My new go-to shoes
7. Polka dot beauty
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Last week's winner was by far....
May 15 (1)
"Improvising some length"

Thank you so much for the support and votes everyone!

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  1. You looked very floral and bright all week. Hope you had fun at the Falls - my dad was just there the week prior!

  2. I voted for three. That apple dress is just so so sosososo cute!

  3. you look great in the improving the length outfit. the cloth material of the dress looks so lite and comfy and the patter on it cute. The cherry on this dessert and focal point for me was your cute belt with the shiny stoned studded bow, like something on a cute cat. jgm

  4. Wow your gorgeous! love your outfit!

  5. Your blog is so happy and fun! Love all the outfits!


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