Outfit of the week - Reader's choice

May 10 (10)May 11 (9)
May 12 (11)May 13 (10)
May 14 (10)May 15 (11)
May 16 (10)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. Bipolar weather
2. Pink is my favorite color
3. Bow and mini-bow
4. European chic
5. Let the necklace do the talking
6. Improvising some length
7. Matched the color exactly
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And last week's winner was....
May 7 (1)
"Gumball 3000"

with a close second place of....
May 8 (1)
"A rainy day in Central Park"

Thank you so much for all the votes everyone! I really appreciate it!

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  1. yes your gumball 3000 outfit was wonderful. The selection of the purse to sneak into the same tone of your shirt was nice. Plus all your silver accessories everywhere. JGM

  2. I really like outfit number 4 - it's the shoes and belt that make it really special. Love!



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