eBay obsession challenge: Bye Bye Niagara Falls

May 19 (1)
May 19 (2)
May 19 (3)
May 19 (4)
May 19 (5)
May 19 (6)
May 19 (7)
May 19 (8)
May 19 (9)
May 19 (10)

When: Wednesday May 19, 2010

Apples dress: from this seller on eBay
Jean jacket: Saks (Panama)
Brown flats: ? (Panama)
Brown Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max
Bow ring: c/o LuShae Jewelry

Where: Traveling back home from Niagara Falls

Today we left Niagara Falls to come back home. Since we were traveling, I decided to go with a cute look but a very comfy one too. I started off with this apples dress I got on eBay to go along with my eBay obsession challenge and then added the same jean jacket I have used the entire trip. I also added the cute red bow with some ribbon, which is a great way to add a little cuteness to your outfit and it doesn't take any space or weight in your suitcase.
May 19 (11)
I got a lot of compliments from the flight crew, so that made me very happy during the entire day :)

Here are all the outfits in which I've used ribbon as a belt:
05 May 19 (1)
05 May 19 (2)

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  1. You should do a special on how to pack light but still fashionably for a trip!

  2. what a cute dress. Interesting too the way the apples are falling and accumulating at the bottom. What I focused on with joy was your red flower in your hair which combined with the red dress. very nice. The dress seems appropriate -- falling appeal (apple) of leaving niagra falls. jgm

  3. Your traveling wardrobe is great! I need to learn how to do this - pack light but still look like I'm working with the full closet at home... I agree with Sally Ann - a how to would be great!

  4. This look is particularly adorable! Love the apple dress, and the denim jacket looks great with it. Plus the ribbon is such a sweet touch, I thought it was part of the dress.

  5. i love this outfit so freaking much!

    the blogger has some super cute dresses at amazing prices.... can i ask what the material is like? is it worth the $13 shipping to Canada?

  6. I love this dress. The apples are so adorable!


  7. I just love this dress you bought! The apples are super cute and the red from the flower in your hair and your dress make you look beautiful.

  8. LOVE the apple dress - how cute is that! Me want!!! ;D

    Sal xXx


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