Birthday Challenge: Happy Birthday Mike!

May 21 (1)
May 21 (2)
May 21 (3)
May 21 (4)
May 21 (5)
May 21 (6)
May 21 (7)
May 21 (8)

When: May 21, 2010

Purple maxi dress: Forever XXI
Beige tube top: El Costo (Panama)
Beige wedges: BBB (Panama)

Where: Met with my boss to discuss a couple of things and I also started organizing my apartment a bit.

Happy Birthday Mike!! Today is my brother's birthday! My brother Michael is such a funny and unique guy. He is a wonderful artist with an insane sense of humor. It is completely impossible for me to spend time with him and not have a nice time. He always knows exactly how to make me laugh and laugh. He is currently living in Spain, so we all miss him so much!!
May 21 (10)
So to go along with my Birthday Challenge, I made an outfit inspired by my brother. As I said before, he is an artist and he has a very bohemian lifestyle. So based on that, I was inspired to wear this maxi dress with a bohemian print on it. I also added several different colored and shaped bracelets as well as a braid in my hair to go with that carefree style.
May 21 (11)
I just want to say Happy Birthday to my brother and to let him know that he is very special!! We all miss and love you very much!
May 21 (9)

Here are all the birthday challenge outfits I have made so far:
05 May 21

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  1. I love this whole look! The bracelets, the beautiful dress and the cute little braid in your hair! It looks perfect together. :)
    Happy Birthday to your brother!

  2. Super cute! Great maxi dress, looks fabulous on you!! And the bangles are perfect, I love them.

  3. Love love your purple dress!!

  4. You look super young and fresh in this outfit, the braid in your hair looks so casual chic. Love the outfit.


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