Winner of the Call me Captain giveaway!

April 6 (1)
April 6 (2)
April 6 (3)
April 6 (4)
April 6 (5)
April 6 (6)
April 6 (7)
April 6 (8)

When: Tuesday April 6, 2010

Plaid top: B-day present from my parents
White skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Caramel belt: Forever XXI
Brown wedges: Payless Shoe Source
Brown purse: NYC

Where: Received a beautiful item in the mail and went to a university event with free food... yummy!

Yaaii!! Receiving things in the mail is simply so much fun! I always smile when I open the little gate up and see a package in there. In this case it was extra special because it was a prize I won from a Call Me Captain giveaway! When I opened the box, I realized that she packages her items so beautifully!... I almost didn't want to finish opening it!
April 6 (9)
My prize was a customized belt!! She was so helpful and sweet as we decided the details of the belt. I am soooo happy with how it turned out, I can't wait to wear it!
April 6 (10)
Here are all the ways in which I've worn this top:
04 April 06

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  1. Congrats on your win Marie! Yay.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. a wonderful winner U-R with your cute outfits every day and nice outlook on life. you look so nice in todays outfit. jgm

  3. Heeeyy, I want to win stuff too! You look so cute in this outfit. Your braided hair goes well with the look of the shirt.

    BTW, can you please put a belt like the one you have on, on my wish list pleeeeaaase? I just love it! That one and the other dark brown one you have that sorta ties.. I'm a copycat remember??


  4. I agree with Annie´s comment your braided hair goes well with your shirt. Also, on 2nd or actually 3rd look here I see all those hidden combinaciones I enjoy. It´s the hidden subtle ones that are fun (like finding an easter egg hidden)-- like how your shirt which sets the playing field with colors of which one is brown, I see your brown earings that match the light brown squares of your purse and the darker brown braclet matching the other colors of your purse. Of course and your purse and belt, even your hair! jgm

  5. Aww you look like pochahontas today - lovely!

    Sal xXx


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