Calendar: April fun with Easter!

Calendar - April
Do you all remember when I said that I would post my personalized calendar each month just because it makes me happy? Well, here is April's calendar! I'm sure its going to be a wonderful month now that its Spring and sunny!
Calendar - April (0)
The pic I chose this month brings me happy and funny memories. It's of a Spring Carnival my boyfriend and I went to last year that had all sorts of games and activities. This one in particular was when we raced each other on little vehicles that were in the shape of a toilet seat! jajajaja we thought it was soooo funny that I still smile when I see this picture :)
Calendar - April (1)
Oh, and here is what last month's calendar looked like once it was finished:
Calendar - April (2)

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  1. What a great idea to post fun on your montly calendar to enjoy every day ahead. jgm

  2. You're so artsy-craftsy. I am jealous! (And also laughing at the toilet ride, hee.)


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