Birthday Challenge: Happy Birthday Dada!

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When: Tuesday April 20, 2010

White top: Saks (Panama)
Jeans: Europe (yes, I do own pants believe it or not! jeje)
Plaid pumps: Walmart
Gold necklace: Forever XXI
Red trench coat: Present from my brother (Europe)
Brown Liz Claiborne purse: TJ max

Where: Finished making that surprise I was talking about yesterday!

Happy birthday dada!!! Today is my dad's birthday and I miss him so much! My dad is probably one of the best guys I know. He is so understanding, caring, and sweet. Plus, he loves making silly and funny jokes just to make everyone around him laugh (this is where I get my silliness from!). I am so proud to say he is my father, he has been a wonderful role model throughout my entire life.
April 20 (9)
So to celebrate this wonderful day, I decided to pose with a "Happy Birthday" banner I made just for him. This is just a way for me to show him that I was thinking about him on his special day. The banner is supposed to look like his car, since he absolutely loves cars (he has that in common with my boyfriend).

This is my banner:
April 20 (12)
And this is his car:
April 20 (11)
Any resemblance whatsoever? I tried really hard to make it look like his car, but I must admit it doesn't really look like it... jajaja the thought is what counts right?!?!

I also followed through with the birthday challenge I talked about before in which I have to wear an outfit inspired by the birthday person. In my dad's case, he is all about comfort. He loves to wear things that he feels absolutely comfy in, like a pair of soft pants and a plain white tee.

So I was inspired by that "modo" and wore a pants-with-a-white-"tee" combo of my own. I added a little extra style with the pumps and the trench, but it was a very comfy outfit indeed. And the fact that I wore pants to celebrate my dad's birthday should be a sign that I really love him (since I almost never wear pants)
April 20 (10)
So that was today's birthday challenge. I wish you had a wonderful birthday dad! Love u a lot!
April 20 (13)

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  1. I'm chuckling to myself because a few days ago I was thinking that you ALWAYS wear dresses (and I am amazed, and inspired, tho' chasing a 4 year old, I'm not sure I would ever ALWAYS do that, lol!) and here today I pull up your blog, and there are ... jeans! how fun. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday from a distance.

  2. This is a really cute outfit. Very simple and effective style.

  3. How cute is your card! Happy bday to your Dad! And don't you look cute in your white top and red coat! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I adore yours! Following you now :)

  4. So cute. Happy birthday to your dad!

    I love that red jacket too!

  5. Aww Happy b'day to your dad! And his car is gorgeous (as is your drawing of it :))

    I adore those shoes!!

    Sal xXx

  6. Sorry I could not comment to this April 20th blog. I was in the mountains as you know and could only see this on my BB but could not respond. Thankyou for the very special and meaningful dedication. You hit 2 good things I like...comfy clothes and yes I am a car enthusiast so both hit mark. But mostly I am a fan of each of you..I am such a big fan, it makes me feel cool, and proud to be your father. Thanks for being so special as you bring happiness to all of us. dad

  7. It is so good to see you in jeans sometimes but I wont complain since all your daily outfits are totally cool. This outfit totally fits your father's look and desire to only wear comfy clothes.


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