Panama Challenge day 3: Tropical paradise

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When: Wednesday March 17, 2010

Leaves skirt: ? (Panama)
Green top: ? (Panama)
Black belt: Christmas present from my parents
White butterfly shoes: DIY project
White purse: Borrowed from my mom

Where: Watched Alice in Wonderland with my parents... they loved it!

For the 3rd day of the Panama Challenge, I'm going to briefly talk about Panama being a Tropical paradise filled with all sorts of vegetation and beautiful flowers. Soooo, that inspired me to wear this leaf patterned skirt I have had since forever. I paired it with this green top to make sure nobody could pinch me this St. Pat's day! And to finish it off, I decided to take pics with these beautiful flowers my mom gave me that go along with the vegetation theme.
March 17 (5)
So, as I said before, Panama is a Tropical paradise! The weather in Panama is quite stable and can be expressed in one word: HOT! jajajaja. Temperatures usually vary between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius and the humidity is always high. We also only have two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. So basically, its warm all year round :)
Panama also has lots of vegetation and jungle areas. Over 30% of our national territory is protected by national parks and reserves. Its wonderful to live in a country with so many trees and green areas, especially since we have a house in the mountains that is surrounded by relaxing vegetation :)
March 17 (13)
Panama also has many beautiful flowers. I always enjoy looking at "veraneras" because they are so colorful and abundant!
March 17 (11)
Another interesting thing about them is that if you look up close, they have a mini white flower within them.
March 17 (12)
The last thing I want to mention is the "flower of the holy spirit". This is Panama's national flower and it looks as if there is a dove in the middle. I think its a fascinating flower to be honest with you... I mean it has a dove in the center, how cool is that?!
Well that is the interesting fact about Panama for today! Thanks for reading all the long things I have been writing this week :)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
03 March 17

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  1. The flowers are all so pretty. The flower of the holy spirit is amazing. I love your skirt too.

  2. the flowers are pretty but ur prettier. dad

  3. The flowers and vegetation here in Panama really are amazing. Right now we are transitioning from dry season into rainy season and the flowering trees are just beautiful this time of year. Some have such vibrant yellow flowers that they are like bursts of direct sunlight. Quite blinding really. Panama also has a wide variety of orchids which are grown and exported to other countries.
    This is a perfect place for all to come and see the flora and the fauna. Eco tourism is beginning to be a real hit here so come on down. The weather is fine almost all year round. Cant say I like the torrential rainfalls but they are necessary to maintain the Canal and the environment. MOM

  4. I absolutly LOVE tropical flowers...sooo pretty. I love the flower headband and butterfly shoes together


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