Outfit of the Week - Reader's Choice

March 01 (7)March 2 (9)
March 3 (9)March 04 (8)
March 5 (11)March 6 (9)
March 7 (9)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. Snow White
2. The Little Mermaid
3. Pinocchio
4. Mary Poppins
5. Beauty and the Beast
6. Alice in Wonderland
7. Minnie Mouse
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Last week's winner was.....
Feb 24 (1)
"Roses are red"

This week's winner won by the most votes in all my polls ever! It won by 44%!

Thank you so much for everyone who voted and supports me, I appreciate it!

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  1. I am so glad this was the winner. You look great and very cute in this red focused outfit. Like lollipop-lollipop. jgm

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed your Disney week! You've inspired me!

  3. I just love your blog, Marie! I'm so sorry I haven't visited in ages - the last couple of weeks have been completely crazy for me, and I've slipped behind on all things bloggy.

    I really enjoy the colour and positivity of your style. A smile is the best accessory, really. :)

    A xx

  4. Your Disney week theme was my absolute favorite!! I love how you really captured all the characters in each outfit. The Mary Poppins one is my favorite! :)



  5. Awesome blog, and I love the outfits you make. You have really great style! I think that you may enjoy my fashion blog: theoriginalrainban.blogspot.com
    Please visit!

  6. I love your idea for Disney week. SO great! Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies and your outfit for that movie looks great!


  7. I really enjoyed seeing what you were wearing all this week for the Disney Challenge. It was hard deciding which outfit to vote for because they all looked great.

  8. What a great series-- I'm sorry that I haven't posted any of your pictures, yet! I need to find a good time to fit that in, but I'll try to get around to it asap.

    I also gave you an award in my latest post, hope you'll check it out! It's not much, but I hope you like this little ray of sunshine. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  9. Really close call for me between Snow White and Beauty as a favorite. All the outfits are adorable. What a great challenge!!

    Funny thing. One day last week I was humming "Part of Your World" to myself all day. No idea how that got into my head. That evening I was scrolling through Google Reader and saw your first 2 Disney outfits, including The Little Mermaid!


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