Introducing: The Panama Challenge

A long time ago, I promised to write a post about Panama, my home country. Finally, that day has arrived! But instead of writing one long post about Panama, my dad gave me a fun idea of posting a little interesting fact about Panama each day of this week. That way you can know a little bit more of my country and where I come from. I'll try to keep it short and sweet so that it doesn't become boring. I hope you all like it!
Just to start off, Panama is a Latin American country located in Central America between Colombia and Costa Rica. It's a very small country in size, a little less than the State of South Carolina. The official language is Spanish, but a lot of us understand English too. Hope you all like the challenge!
March 15 - The Panama Challenge (9)

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  1. As small as Panama looks on the map, it has become a focal center for US baby boomers over the past few years as a great place to retire...high-rise condominions have gone rampant (hundreds going up simultaneously, even a Trump Tower). The currency is the US dollar, lots of modern malls, best hospital facilities, tons of restaurants and great living. jgm

  2. We're learning about Panama in my Spanish class this week, so your fun facts have come at the perfect time!


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