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March 29 (2)
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When: Monday March 29, 2010

White skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Coral top: ? (Panama)
Navy blazer: Forever XXI
Brown tights: Target
Brown boots: Payless Shoe Source
Floral purse: Forever XXI
Gold heart necklace: Forever XXI

Where: Guiding Panamanian students that were visiting our university... I felt so old and wise! jeje

Today I was asked to guide some Panamanian students that are visiting campus to decide if they want to study here or not. I actually sorda enjoyed answering their questions and letting them know how fun it is here... I felt so old and wise! I decided to wear a fresh and colorful outfit to meet them so that I would look approachable. I am very happy with how it turned out! In fact, I got a whole lot of compliments today :)
March 29 (5)
PS: I know I have worn this white headband too many times in the last couple of days; but I can't help it! It goes with everything! jeje :)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this coral top:
03 March 29

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  1. I love that your outfits always have a ton of little details to look for.

  2. I agree with Kathryn´s comment. Plus all these details make sense as they combine with and tie together the details of your outfit. I am glad you wore your white headband because it matches your skirt for example. & I couldn´t imagine a better guide at school since you are so friendly, conversative and pretty, definitely giving your school a good image. + fibblewonton is good too!

  3. This outfit looks very pretty on you Weezie.

    I love your bag and your heart nechlace! If you see any like that up there for me... you know what to do.. jejeje..

    Big hug!

  4. Great look. I love orange and navy together.

    The headband is great, and it really does go with everything! :-) I got a black bow headband last spring (while I was visiting D.C., actually), and for the next 3-4 months I wore it several times a week. It went with so many outfits and I just loved it!

  5. you have such hair! i wish mine was as wavy and thick as yours!

    oh and you have to enter my giveaway! its for a cute necklace and purse I think you would like!


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