Disney Challenge day 2: The Little Mermaid

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March 2 (2)
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When: Tuesday March 2, 2010

Green dress: ? (Panama)
White tanktop: ? (Panama)
Blue jacket: B-day present from my parents
Brown tights: Target
Brown fishnets: El Costo (Panama)
Beige boots: El Costo (Panama)
Purple purse: Present from my mom

Where: Danced in the rain :)

For the second day of my Disney Challenge week, I decided to make an outfit inspired by The Little Mermaid! Yes, I know that I don't look like a mermaid (She does have a fin and bright red hair), but I did incorporate lots of her details into today's outfit! For starters, I made a green, teal, and purple color combo to resemble the color of her fin, top, and the water around her.
March 2 - The Little Mermaid
Image source

I also wore the perfect tights for this challenge: fishents!! Get it? fish-nets!! jajaja, sorry for the lame joke, I couldn't help myself!

Back to the outfit, this little jacket actually has big flowy sleeves (sorry the pic doesn't show it very well) and it sorda reminds me of waves and a flowy ocean. So it was perfect for this aquatic inspired outfit! Here is a better pic of the sleeves:
March 2 (8)
The last detail I added were a couple of flower pins in my hair because Ariel often wears colorful flowers in her hair as well!
March 2 - The Little Mermaid 2
So there you have it, my version of Ariel from The Little Mermaid! jeje my favorite part of this outfit was the color combo, I'll have to try that again sometime!

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this green dress:
03 March 02

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  1. the Little Mermaid is probably one of my favorite Disney movies, next to Beauty and the Beast.

    As soon as I saw your look I started singing "Under the Sea" and now can't get it out of my head.

  2. You always have the best waredrobe challenges! I love the Disney theme...and you definitely channel the Little Mermaid here. Love the colors!



  3. What a marvelous jacket - glad you showed the sleeve details, they're so fun.

  4. very very cute. :)

    hey, I gave you an award over at my regular blog- http://sweetsouthernspirited.blogspot.com

  5. that´s a great outfit combo for the little mermaid. You sure bring fun into the joy of fashion. jgm

  6. Wow! I love how beautifully flowy this turned out! Great job!

  7. I LOVE that jacket!! The colours look great together!

  8. Thats a fun combo of colors. I love this color pallet especially the purple accents. Those little flowers and jewelry really brighten the dress and jacket. Congrats on keeping true to the challenge. Cant wait to see the other ones.

  9. I love the Disney challenge and how creative you're being with it. This is such a fun outfit and I can totally see Ariel's inspiration in it.

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  10. You look great as always, I love the purple, green and blue togther.

  11. Wow your doing so well! I'm so impressed at how well you've interpreted the characters. And that jacket is gorgeous!!

  12. Very cute. I love it!

  13. Ok, I am extremely impressed that you were able to do an outfit that looks SO MUCH like Ariel! I love the drape of that jacket!

  14. Love the colours, and this challenge is so much fun!


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