Birthday challenge: Happy Birthday Daniel!

March 14 (1)
March 14 (2)
March 14 (3)
March 14 (4)
March 14 (6)
March 14 (7)
March 14 (8)
March 14 (9)

When: Sunday March 14, 2010

Stripe top: Present from my mom
Black skirt: ? (Panama)
Black jacket: ? (Panama)
Pink pumps: Christian Siriano for Payless Shoe Source
Glasses: borrowed from my mom :)

Where: Celebrated my brother Daniel's birthday at home

Today is the first day of my Birthday Challenge! Today was my brother Daniel's birthday, so I made an outfit inspired by him! Daniel is a very sweet and smart guy. He reads a whole lot of books and is very intelligent.
March 14 (10)
I would describe his style as being clean and sophisticated. Therefore, I decided to wear an outfit that was clean, sophisticated, and academic-ish. I even added my mother's glasses as the perfect academic detail (plus my brother wears glasses too)!
March 14 (5)
Oh, and if you were wondering, my brother loves Star Wars so that's why the sign is decorated with that theme

We had a wonderful night celebrating his birthday with a family bbq and some delicious cake. We finished the day off by watching a movie I have been wanting to see for some time now: Julie & Julia. It really was a wonderful day together with my family :)
March 14 (11)

Here are other academic-ish (invented word) outfits I have worn:
03 March 14

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  1. You sure invent non-stop fun projects. Thoughtful ones too. Your shoes R1 of a kind and matched nice with your shirt and neckless. jgm

  2. What a fun homage to your loved ones! I love how much fun you have with your clothes, brava!

    The touches of warm color are gorgeous with your skin tone, and the sleek lines make you look super statuesque :o)

  3. i look retarded as always in my pictures. you look stunning as always though. ;D

  4. Aw! That's a neat outfit on you. It's very business-like, and professional. Perhaps even corporate, which contrasts nicely with your normal colorful style.

  5. Cute! You look great in glasses too!


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