The Entrance to the Panama Canal

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When: Friday January 8, 2010

Purple dress: Madison (Panama)
Jean jacket: Saks (Panama)
Off White belt: Madison (Panama)
Beige wedges: Stevens (Panama)
Olive purse: Borrowed from my mom - El Costo (Panama)
Olive flower headband: Madison (Panama)

On an adventure with my "photographer" mother, dinner at Tomy Romas, dessert at Dairy Queen (Yum!), and watched a movie at my house with my boyfriend.

Today my mom and I went on an adventure to the entrance of the Panama Canal to take some fabulous "Panama pictures", as we call it. We are trying to accumulate some nice pictures of important characteristic things of Panama in order to write a "Panama post" showing a little more about my country.
Jan 08 (8)
So we first started taking pictures with some boats that looked very picturesque in the sea. Then, we saw this huge boat going through the entrance of the Panama Canal on the Pacific side, so we had to take a picture with that.
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Its really pretty amazing to see these HUGE boats entering the Panama Canal by going under the "Bridge of the Americas".
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Jan 08 (23)
We also saw some pretty flowers and decided to snap a picture with those as well!
Jan 08 (16)
We also decided to take a look at how the Biodiversity Museum was going, since it has been under construction for some time now.
Jan 08 (17)
Its going to look really cool once its finished since it has such an original design:
Jan 08 (18)
For the last couple of pictures with the Bridge of the Americas, it got WAY to hot for me to act like I needed that jean jacket, so I was quick to take it right off! jajaja.
Jan 08 (19)
Jan 08 (22)
It was really a wonderful adventure to take all these pictures with my mom. I'm really enjoying being in Panama so much :)
Jan 08 (20)

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  1. The dress and jacket combo is super cute. I love the headband as well. Thanks for the mini-tour of your country. I can't wait to see the rest of your photos.

  2. I love your hair piece, it makes this already gorgeous outfit super gorgeous!
    Stunning setting too! I'm looking forward to the Panama post as I don't know much about it.

  3. The headband is amazing!
    BTW, my dad loves Panama. He went there many years ago.

  4. Great pictures! That dress is beatiful!

  5. Your last photo in this post deserves to be on the cover of a magazine. Absolutely beautiful!

  6. I love every accessory you've paired with this outfit! The headband and bracelet are perfect!

  7. Sometimes those spur of the moment trips come out to be the best foto shoots. Looking forward to a few more. So glad everyone enjoyed them. When I saw your outfit we just had to have a background suitable to go with such beauty. LOL

  8. The closeup of your olive purse shows how well it matches with your olive bracelet which brings out this color in the colorful dress as well and your flower headband and your eyes as well. I am a fanama (panama-fan).


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