Challenge day 5 (Part 1): Sequins Jacket

Jan 15 (1)
Jan 15 (2)
Jan 15 (3)
Jan 15 (4)
Jan 15 (5)
Jan 15 (6)
Jan 15 (7)
Jan 15 (8)
Jan 15 (9)

When: Friday January 15, 2010

Pink dress: Madison (Panama)
Black Sequins Jacket: Conway (Panama)
Black & White stripped wedges: La Onda (Panama)
White belt: Present from my parents
White Nine West purse: TJ Max

Where: Chinese breakfast with my girl friends and finished arranging an anniversary present for my boyfriend :)

Today is the fifth day of my NYC gift challenge! Today I decided to wear two different outfits! Weeee! For the first outfit, I was inspired by the black & silver ring my friend bought me:
Jan 11 (9)
These shiny black stones reminded me of this new black sequins jacket my parents just bought me. So I started off with the shiny jacket, and then added the pink dress for color. I am so happy with the results! I feel very trendy and yet true to my own style :)

Here are the other ways in which I've worn these stripped shoes:
01 Jan 15 (3)01 Jan 15
01 Jan 15 (2)

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  1. I think this outfit is fantastic. It is a very daring outfit to wear since it is so bright, but I just love it (especially cause its piiiink). But truly this look shows off your fashion talents a lot. The hot pink + black jack + white accesories is a real good combo (I shall copycat for sure! je je)

    Loooove it!


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