Challenge day 4: Old Hollywood Movie Star

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When: Thursday January 14, 2010

Pink dress: La Onda (Panama)
Pearl necklace: Pasarella (Panama)
Off White fishnets: El Costo (Panama)
Brown Stilettos: Nine West Outlet (only $15!!!)
Brown purse: borrowed from my mom

Where: Shopping with my mom and went out with my boyfriend at night

Today's outfit was inspired by the star mints my friend brought me from NYC:
Jan 14 (10)
The first thing that comes to mind when I think of a star is an old Hollywood Movie Star. You know, something like Marilyn Monroe, or just vintage looking movie star's in general. So today's outfit was made to look sorda retro and vintage looking. I am soooooo happy with the results.
Jan 14 (9)
This is the first time I make this retro hair-style, and I feel it turned out really good for my first time! I am also so pleased with this new tiered pearl necklace my dad bought me a couple of weeks ago, its so glamorous and feminine. The final touch for this outfit was to make a cat-eye with some liquid eye-liner.
Jan 14 (11)
I am sooo happy with this outfit, I got so many compliments! Its just so wonderful to dress up and feel good about oneself. Have any of you ever dressed vintage looking?

Here is another way in which I've worn these stilettos:
01 Jan 14

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  1. I love how your hair turned out! It is very hollywood-glam!

  2. love ur look! those pearls are great! thanks again for dropping by my blog:)

  3. Oh how cute! I adore the hair and the rest looks fabulous!

  4. Very glamourous! Love the hair, eyes and beads!


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