Butterfly Shoes DIY

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When: Saturday January 9, 2010

Black & White floral skirt: Panama
Aqua top: Panama
Purple jacket: Forever XXI
White belt: Present from my parents
White shoes: La Onda (Panama)
White Nine West purse: TJ Max

Where: Dinner at a wonderful local restaurant and watched a movie with my boyfriend

I imagine most of you have noticed by now that I am a girl that loves color. Black & white outfits or other outfits made of just neutrals look awesome, but I usually tend to incorporate some color in my outfits because it just makes me happier :)

These white butterfly shoes are actually a DIY (Do it yourself) project! I had these white butterflies that fell off some old white sandals, so I decided to be crafty with them!!
Jan 09 (8)
My idea was to glue them to these other white sandals that I have had since forever. I rarely used these white sandals because I felt they were just too simple and didn't add enough to my outfits, but now that I added the butterflies I love them!!:
Jan 09 (9)
It goes to show that little details can really change something from ordinary to extraordinary. Go ahead and give it a try!! Its a quick and easy way to make an old pair of shoes very unique and pretty!

Here is the other way in which I've worn this floral skirt:
01 Jan 09

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  1. omg! i think i have that skirt! great look! welcome home! reva:)

  2. Cute shoes. Great idea to reuse the butterflies and spice up some rarely used sandals. Love the purple and aqua together!

  3. Great DIY idea! I love transforming shoes and the final results are super cute!



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