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When: Tuesday January 19, 2010

Red dress: Madison (Panama)
Blue flower pin: Forever XXI
Blue stilettos: BMB (Panama)
Blue & White purse: Saks (Panama) (only $3!!!)

Where: Lunch with my mother and dinner with my friends.

I love today's outfit!! Something about wearing a red dress just makes about any woman feel good about herself... or at least I think so! This outfit sorda reminds me of Betty Boop who always wears cute red dresses with sweetheart necklines and high heels.
Jan 19 - Betty Boop
I am really happy with how the blue flower pin adds so much to the outfit. Its such a simple detail that makes the entire dress look different. I am also in love with this blue and white purse my parents recently bought me. The bow is just too cute, I can't stop smiling when I look at it!

Here are other ways in which I've worn these blue stilettos:
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  1. What an adorable outfit.. that clutch is precious!

    Love & Aloha,

  2. The shape, the color, the details, everything is so gorgeous! Love this outfit and that clutch is too adorable!

    Much love,

  3. Great dress. And I love the accessories you've paired it with!

  4. Now THAT is a truly fabulous frock.

  5. Amazing dress! So sexy and retro!

  6. Loooooove this dress soooooo much. It is stylish and fresh looking. The neckline is great for you and the pin and purse are wonderful accents. The shoes are great also. Now you are going back to the winter outfits very shortly. Miss taking the fotos.... Cover up and stay warm.

  7. Cute cute cute! That dress and purse look like they were made for each other!

  8. You look Gorgeous!! Absolutely Gorgeous girlfriend!! And you are right, you do look like Betty Boop in that outfit! I love how you used your flower pin to give the outfit an extra something.


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