Adorable floral elephant

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Jan 10 (2)
Jan 10 (3)
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When: Sunday January 10, 2010

White and turquoise dress: Christmas present (Panama)
Floral scarf: borrowed from my mom
Black nine west belt: TJ Max
Black tights: Target
Pink shoes: BMB (Panama)
Pink purse: Felix (Panama)
Floral elephante: Happy House

Where: A BBQ lunch with my boyfriend's family and I also celebrated my best friend's birthday.

This outfit all began with the my mom's floral scarf. I saw it, loved it, and knew I wanted to make an outfit with it right away! Everything else just turned around this one item. I really love the colors and the simplicity of this outfit.
Jan 10 (7)
In the moment I was going to take the picture, I realized that I had a "Piggy bank" in the form of a floral elephant that went almost perfectly with my outfit! I couldn't resist to take some pics with the elephant as well! Aahh, such little things make me happy, its so silly sometimes :)

Here are other ways in which I've worn these shoes:
01 Jan 10 (3)01 Jan 10 (2)
01 Jan 10

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  1. A wonderful outfit. Your unique colored pink shoes seem to do the trick bringing out the pink of the purse and scarf. How unique you tie these outfits with things you the adorable floral elephant. Congratulations. jgm

  2. I just love love love this outfit girlfriend! Its sooooo cute and kinda french chic looking. I will try to copycat it, if you know what I mean... je je je.


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