Winterizing a summer outfit

Dec 7 (1)
Dec 7 (2)
Dec 7 (3)
Dec 7 (4)
Dec 7 (5)
Dec 7 (6)
Dec 7 (7)

Played in the snow last night. It was lots of fun and the snow was beautiful.
Dec 7 (8)

When: December 7, 2009

White turtleneck: Panama
Colored block top (used as a skirt): Panama
Jean jacket: Panama
Brown belt: Panama
Floral scarf: JC Penny's
brown tights: Target
Beige boots: Panama
Brown Liz-Claiborne purse: TJ Max

Where: Baked a cake and worked on school projects (boring, I know :)

This outfit is actually a winter version of a summer outfit I wore this year. Take a look:

12 Dec 7

I didn't actually plan on wearing the same outfit, but once I saw the pictures I felt like I had seen it before. And with good reason! Its pretty much the same as what I wore during the summer! In order to make it more fall/winter appropriate, I used the tips I explained last Monday: adding tights, boots, and a scarf. I must say, I really like how it turned out. In fact, I like the winter version more than the summer one! jaja.

Here are other ways in which I've worn this jean jacket:

12 Dec 7 (3)12 Dec 7 (2)

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  1. Such pretty colors! Love that last pic of you in the snow!

  2. you are one of a kind. Doing your thing, with such happy colors on a winter day, yet with the accessories (+ necessities) of winter (jacket, boots, etc). Very happy colors on a winter day. Thanks for making a difference for everyone to enjoy that sees you walking around that winter day. jgm

  3. So cute! I love that you are wearing a super bright dress to play in the snow!

  4. i like all your outfits!

  5. I really love the bright colores skirt with the scarf that you paired it off with. And the jean jacket gives it that special added touch to bring the outfit together. I love how you tied your scarf, you´ll have to teach me how to do that!

  6. Great Winterizing! Doesn't it just totally expand your wardrobe!

  7. The colors of this outfit are so bright and happy. They match your mood for this winter day. You have definitely acheived winterizing this summery dress. Very brave to go play in the snow with this outfit. LOL


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