Merry Christmas kitty! (Outfit)

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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When: Friday December 25, 2009

Red halter top: Panama
Floral skirt: Panama
Black & silver stilettos: Panama
Black Nine West belt: TJ Max
Black flower hair pin: Forever XXI
Black purse: Borrowed from my mom

Where: The most wonderful Christmas eating, opening presents, laughing, etc. with my family.

This skirt is the PERFECT Christmas item because it has both green and red and well, its a skirt! (by now, most of you probably noticed that I dont enjoy wearing pants very much). I deciced to pair it with this pretty red halter top that has satin details that make it "fancier". Last, I added black accesories to pull it all together. Can I just talk about these stilettos for a moment? I LOVE these! I swear, my best shoes are still here in Panama. I love the silver details and the overall design of these shoes, so cool!

Oh, I also wore these cute Santa accesories that I got at a dollar store. They are so cute!
Dec 25 (8)

One of my kitties decided to model for the camera today, so I couldnt resist to post a shot or two:
Dec 25 (7)

Did anyone else notice that the cat combines with my outfit?! jajaja, gheesh I'm really obssesed sometimes! My cat also decided to tan herself in the sun, she was really enjoying herself:
Dec 25 (9)
Dec 25 (10)

Here is another way in which I've worn this skirt:
12 Dec 25

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