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Dec 29 (1)
Dec 29 (2)
Dec 29 (3)
Dec 29 (4)
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When: Tuesday December 29, 2009

Patterned dress (used as skirt): Christmas present (Panama)
Red top: Panama
Beige jacket: Forever XXI
Black belt: Panama
Black pumps: Panama
Black Liz Claiborne purse: Present for X-mas (TJ Max)
Zipper flower headband: Panama

Where: Shopping with my mother and dinner with my boyfriend

I went shopping with my mom today! I was soooo fun! Its really one of our mother-daugther activities that I missed the most. Plus, the mall was still decorated with beautiful X-mas decorations:

Dec 29 (11)
Dec 29 (10)

Since I received lots of clothes and accesories for Christmas, its so fun to have all these new clothes to pick from to make my daily outfits. In this case I decided to wear this patterned dress as a skirt. Then I chose this red top to pick up the sorda redish details in the skirt's pattern. The black accessories serve as a way to pull it all together.

Here are other ways in which I've worn this grey jacket:
12 Dec 29 (3)12 Dec 29
12 Dec 29 (2)

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  1. Hi again, Marie. What a pretty dress! I love the colors and the different patterns in each square. The bee thing is fun too. Garrett


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