Monday's tip of the week: Hair is the ultimate accessory

Nov 16 - Hair as Accesory 3

This week's tip is to use your hair as the ultimate accessory to your outfit! Now calm down, I'm not talking about being a hair stylist, I'm just talking about a couple of easy tricks that can make your hair a part of the outfit instead of just something hanging there. Here are a couple of things you can do:

1. Any type of accessory is a plus: Add a pin, headband, flower, or even tie a scarf! This is a really easy way to add a pretty detail and incorporate your hair into the outfit.

Nov 10 (3)Oct 27 (6)

2. Try a braid!: These are really easy to make, and they look very cute and innocent. I personally prefer either wearing a medium one on the side of my head, or one big side braid (does that even make any sense!?)... well you can see what I mean here:

Nov 9 (7)Oct 26 (2)

3. Tie it up!: I either do a polished ponytail or I use chopsticks and/or other accessories to do a chic bun. This is an excellent option if you have awesome earrings or a special neckline you want to show off.

P1030106-209 Sept 14 (3)

4. Having one of those bad hair days? Just wear a hat!: This is SO easy and it can really make the entire outfit 100% more chic.

Oct 23 (5)10 Oct 13 (2)

And there you have it, hair tips that take you perhaps 5 minutes! I dont usually take a lot of time doing my hair, I rather just include these little tips that are easy and really give pretty results. How about you, what are your favorite hair styles?

And here I leave you with two CUTE animals that sure do know how to work that hair!

Nov 16 - Hair as Accesory 2

Nov 16 - Hair as Accesory 1

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  1. I am really disturbed by those animals with hair. All your styles look super cute though!
    I'm trying to grow my hair, so frustrating!

  2. Those animals I'm sure are a little uncomfortable with all the extra hair up there. The chihuahua sure is all dressed up. Wonder what the occasion was. Your hair tips are so good even though I have a short style and wear my hair the same way every day.

  3. i knooow.. i don't know how they got them to sit still to take such silly photos.. they must really love their owners!! Although I know that at least the last dog one is photo shopped to have a wig, but it looks really real huh!


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