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I am so happy! One of my outfits inspired Gina, from
Clothes inter alia, and she made an outfit based on one of mine!! Yaaaiii!! I feel so honored when I am able to inspire someone else's outfit of the day. And she did such a great job too! She made an outfit based on this outfit I made last week. Go check her out, she has a great sense of style! I love getting inspiration from others when it comes to fashion.

There are so many people out there with great styles to look up to. One of the people I look up to the most is my mother. She is the one that has taught me everything I know, she is a very stylish woman. How about you, is there anyone who inspires your wardrobe choices? Or are you more of your own style type of thing?

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  1. You are very inspiring. I don't really look for inspiration, but I do read blogs and magazines and I am influenced. I usually come up with outfits in the shower. Weird, eh? Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.



  2. Welllllll what can I say... my inspiration comes from finally losing enough weight to wear normal size clothes. I have always wanted to wear balanced, color coordinated and perfectly tailored looks. I would love to wear famous designer clothes like Chanel and Liz Claibourne only knockoff cheaper prices. My daughter being a model also inspired me to want to look good all the time. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. Love you lots.


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