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When: November 9, 2009

White dress: Panama
Jean jacket: Panama
Pink tights: JC Penny's
Beige boots: Panama
Brown Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max
Floral scarf: JC Penny's

Where: a BIG cookie baking day!

Nothing better than a batch of chocolate chip cookies right? WRONG! Instead of having little cookies, wouldn't you rather eat one HUGE cookie!! jajaja, well that's what I wanted today so that is exactly what I made! This huge cookie is eaten with a spoon and it tastes great with some vanilla ice cream! Can't wait to eat it as dessert after dinner tonight.

I'm really liking my outfit today, its like a fall version of a summery outfit. I took advantage of the rare warm weather to wear this white summer dress for the last time. I wanted to wear a pop of color in the tights, so I decided on the pink ones and added a patterned scarf to pull it together. I also loooove this jean jacket because I feel its shape is super chic and modern.

PS: I tried to do a side braid today, but all the layers in my hair were being rebellious against the idea... oh well, I wore it around anyway... it went with the cute look I was aiming for.

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  1. The little jacket is so cute!
    mmm gigantic cookie! I think I'd better stick with little cookies though as I have no self control...!

  2. Love the pink tights. Colorful tights are a perfect way to brighten up spring.

  3. Loving your outfit today girlfriend! You look so pretty!

  4. i love ur outfit! especially the pop of color from the tights:) ur cookie reminds me of bj's pizookies! looks so good!

  5. The cookie looks wonderful, but you look better!

  6. The scarf and tights makes this outfit. The jacket is so cute and the neutral white dress really shows off the other elements. The cookie looooooooks so yummy. I'm a cookie monster myself so I should stay away from them!!!

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